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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A victory in the war against inaccessibility

Remember the software that I mentioned in:
A ray of hope
for accessibility
It works! It is now possible to comment on blogs and forums, and register an account at all the inaccesible sites where they don't have a funcional audio option for the security capchas. This means that there'll be a lot less frustration in my day to day life! It may not seem that important to you. But to me, everything that prevents me from doing what I want to do, just because I'm blind, is highly irritating. Especially when it would be so easy to fix if people could get it into their heads, that what is necessary for some, is good enough for everybody.
It's not very complicated at all to add the audio as an option, and it should be pretty obvious, that when the audio version's already in place,it's just as important to see to that it works as it is to make sure that you don't have any other broken links on your site.
The capchas have been an every day problem for me ever since I started blogging, and I know that they cause problems for the visually impaired all over the world.
According to WHO, the world health organization, about 314 million people are visually impaired worldwide today, and 45 million of them are totally blind. I realise of course that not all of them own a computer, but there's definitely enough of us to where it stands to reason that accessibility should be taken under consideration by everybody out there who has any chance of facilitating matters for us. Especially if you take into account that the number of people with low vission is expected to have doubled by the year 2020.
If you know of anyone who could be helped by a service that translates the capchas and sends the information to your clipboard with in just a few seconds, please tell them to visit:


The Blogger Formerly Known As said...

Those capchas are irritating enough for the drunkenly-bleary-eyed-fully sighted :)
The enigmatic, masked blogger

Sleepless said...

Hehehe I can imagine.:P

Dina said...

It is interesting to note that you don't blanket your words with terms such as 'visually impaired' or 'visually challenged', etc. I am glad to have come across your site as your writings gives me a peek into your world and hopefully, we will all be able to understand each others' needs and challenges.
Have a pleasant weekend!

Sleepless said...

Dina, being open minded is one of the most important qualities there is, and I like that it seems to be one of yours. If we can all learn from, and accept each other, whether it's about a disability, a different culture, or a religion different from our own, the world will be a better place in the end. Thanks for stopping by, and a pleasant weekend to you too.