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Monday, November 8, 2010

38-year-old arrested for The serial shootings in Malmö

Two weeks ago, someone blew a hole in the front dore of the apartment building where my sister and her fiancé live. It was suspected to be the work of the serial shooter who's been targeting immigrants for the last year in Malmö, Sweden. My sisters fiancé is as much swedish as I am, but he's father is from Marocco, and with his 6 foot 5 he's easy to spot, so it has been an unnerving 2 weeks for all of us. Especially since the gunman has often been at work in their neighbourhood.
After saturday however, It seems like the residents of Malmö, and all their relatives, will at last be able to breathe more easily after a 38-year-old man finally was arrested for the serial shootings this past year. Before the arrest the police suspected that the mystery shooter could be responsable for as many as 15 seperat shootings, each involving victims with immigrant backgrounds, which naturally have resulted in parallels with the 'Laser Man' shootings in Stockholm of the early 1990s, in which most of the nearly one dozen victims were immigrants.

Now imagine my sisters surprise when it turns out she knows the man who they've arrested. They both worked as dental technicians at Örestad in Mölmö about 2 years ago. The man was kind of odd she says, but the others at their job treated him as an outcast, and he was ostracised by almost everyone. So when she first heard the news from a collegue at her new job, who had talked to someone from Örestad, she told the person to take it with a pinch of salt, since everybody were talking about him over there already, and there even were roomers about him having threatened someone with a knife, but nobody seemed to know exactly what had happened, or who it had happened to for that matter. It could just be people running their evil mouths again. Unfortunately they were right though, it is him, And I can't help but wonder if the way they treated him was a contributing factor to why he snapped. If it is him that is, but there seems to be pretty strong evidence against him. The weapons he had in his possession being among those things.

These are the possible shootings:
October 10th 2009: Trez West Persson, 20, is shot to death in a car close to the Ögårds park, Ögårdsparken. She is on her first date with a man who's on furlough from prison, and at first it was suspected that the shootings had something to do with his drug related past. the man is severely injured but survives. This is the murder The 38-year-old is arrested for.
December 30th 2009: several shots are fired towards an imam outside the mosque at Rosengård, which is said to be one of the worst ghettos in Europe.
January 25th 2010: two men are shot at on Rasmus street, Rasmusgatan. a 17-year-old is hit in the chest, and a 36-year-old takes a bullit in his leg.
Mmarch 12th 2010: several shots are fired towards an apartment building on Hårds väg, Hards road.
March 16th 2010: Two men 21 and 22 years old, are in a car on Professors street, Professorsgatan, when someone fires shots at them. One of them is hit in the leg, and the other one gets a way with a hole in his cap.
June 19th 2010: Three men are shot at outside of Aq-va-kul, the in dores water park down town.One of them merely gets a scratch, and the other two get away without injuries.
June 26th 2010: In the middle of the night, a 30-year-old man is shot in the back at a gym at Lorensborg.
June 27th 2010: around midnight, a 29-year-old man is shot in the sholder at a parking lot outside Fosie livs, a store at Lindängen, which is another area with a bad reputation in Malmö.
August 24th 2010: a shot is fired towards a hamburger place on Copenhagen Road, Köpenhamnsvägen, the bullit barely missed the owner.
October 10th 2010: Around midnight, a 47-year-old man is shot at a bus stop at maple street, Lönngatan.
October 19th 2010: around 8 PM, a 28-year-old man is waiting for the bus at Eriksfälts Street, Eriksfältsgatan, when someone fires a bullit which penetrates his lung. He survives, but he is very lucky.
october twenty third 2010: shots are fired towards the owner of a tailoring shop and a barbershop on maple street, Lönngatan, .

As you can see, There have been several shootings, the official suspicion however says, one murder, and 7 murder attempts, but the police refuses to disclose which shootings this would involve. I guess we should keep in mind that this only means that there's 8 shootings where they think they have enough evidence to get a sentence, but it still opens up the possibility that someone else has been taking advantage of the suspicion of an insane racist being at work, to be able to get rid of cirtain people.


The Accessible Poker Team said...

I am very glad they finally found the person responsible, and I hope he gets convicted of the crimes he has committed.

Loomis said...

Wow must've been a scary experience. I am glad everyone is OK and he was caught. Hope everything continues to go well, and it's the last you and your family have to deal with it.

Sleepless said...

Thank you both for stopping by. I definitely hope he gets convicted as well and that that'll be the last of it. The sooner the better. Assuming he's guilty of course.