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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Defend the defenceless

Is there anything more important than protecting our children?
Physical and sexual abuse of our children gets reported on TV, in newspapers and on the internet on a daily basis. Babies are being murdered by their parents, step parents and adoptive parents at what seams to be at an increasing rate. When it comes to the the cases which create headlines, Someone usually goes to jail, unless of course their name is Caysey Anthony, but that doesn't stop it from happening to the next child.

I know I'm not the only one who sometimes lay awake at night, thinking of these poor inocent souls who should have had the right to feel safe in their parents arms, but instead knew nothing but pain and suffering caused by the very people who should have been ready to die for them.
I can't be the only one who hold my children close and try not to cry every time there's another heart breaking story on the news about an abused and neglected child. Knowing I would die if anything happende to them and, that I'd personally want to kill anyone who was stupid enough to try to so much as lay a finger on them. Perhaps you too are able to sometimes see headlines and fractions of newsarticles flashing before your eyes?

Babysitter charged with death of 2 yr old girl
When 2-year-old Madeline McHenry
wouldn't stop crying, the defendant grabbed the child around her chest, continuously shook the child in a violent manner then threw Madeline to the floor." She then left the girl to die on the living room floor of her parent's home. It may have been hours before she finally called 911.

Father is charged with attempted murder after 'dousing son in acid'

The girl's partially dissolved corpse was discovered in a black bag in his truck at the side of a busy Florida motorway, alongside the 10-year-old boy who was so heavily soaked in acid that emergency workers fell sick from the toxic fumes while helping to save him. Barahona has since confessed to police that he put the twins in the truck and drove off with the intention of killing himself.

Death of Caylee Anthony
Prosecutors alleged that Anthony used chloroform to render her daughter unconscious before putting duct tape over her nose and mouth to suffocate her, and left Caylee's body in the trunk of her car for a few days before disposing of it.

Report: 13 people might have known of Indiana boy's abuse
Investigators said Christian Choate was beaten for several years &kept in a cage for a year before he died at age 13 in 2009. His disappearance went unreported​until police unearthed his body in May 2011 from a shallow grave.His father & step mother are being charged for manslaughter &being held without bail. Several people are suspected to have known about the 13 year old's abuse& death and not saying anything about it to the authorities.

Three-year-old boy tortured and left for dead after his babysitter sold him for sex in exchange for meth and his mother did nothing to stop it
A three-year-old boy has been left fighting for his life after being 'sold' by his babysitter to two men who raped and tortured the toddler. Police said the boy from Oklahoma was forced to drink bleach and had part of his skull torn off during the horrific assault. His face, eyes and throat were all covered in chemical burns and he had been hanged from a ceiling with a dog collar.

And there are more, so many many more... And it's always the same, friends, grandparents, neighbours and, sometimes even the authoroties knew, but noone were willing to help.
Then when it's too late, everybody wants to see the cruel murderers suffer the same misery as they have caused the little ones. But remember, the only way of coming even close to that is to be willing to do something and, preferably while there is still hope for the child..
the world steps up only after the death, but where are we when there is still life for these children? we are an individualitic society, so absorbed in our greed that we fail to see the pain of these abused kids, until its to late. As adults, we must all stand together to make a change. These perpetrators should be held to the highest punishment allowed and not be let off "for good behavior". There should be a "abusive offenders" list just like the "sex offenders" list. And if punished and while on probation, they should take many months of anger management and counseling classes. Many laws need to be rewritten and, you can help by signing this petition today!

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