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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The "scroungers"should learn to be greatful for what they get!

Let's face it, beggars can't be choosers and, hence third-class citizens, otherwise known as people with learning, developmental, and physical disabilities, should not expect to be offered the same pay rate as non-disabled individuals. If you're too stupid to learn how to read and write, or have the bad taste to be deaf, dumb or blind, you should be greatful if someone would even consider using you as a source of cheap labor, as disabled workers are "by definition" less productive.

no, I have not gone completely mad and, I do remember that I myself am blind and that I consider myself and a lot of my blind friends to in fact be a lot more productive than many of our so called "normal" colleegues.

All of These opinions actually belong to conservative British Member of Parliament Philip Davies, who have stated that disabled citizens of the United Kingdom should be paid less than minimum wage and, practically be prepaired to work for free in order to be hired at all.

Davies's behaviour is both ridiculous and insulting on so many levels, I don't even know where to start. But His way of shunting disabled people into officially sanctioned third-class citizenry is not especially chocking, coming from someone like him. It's just shameful that he actually managed to get elected in the first place, considering that this man has a history of discriminating anyone and everyone, based on rase, sex, gender, religion and, now disability.

he is known for wasting the Equality and Human Rights Commission's time by continuasly sending in useless questions such as whether it is racist for a policeman to refer to a BMW as "black man's wheels" and, whether the Metropolitan Black Police Association breaches discrimination law by restricting its membership to black people.
He's also one of those who failed to see any particular reason to protect LGBT-people against discrimination, as well as for making discriminating statements based on religion.
In July 2010 for example, Davies argued it would not be beneficial to allow the United Kingdom Youth Parliament to stage a debate in the House of Commons Chamber because it would create a precedent which would mean organisations such as the Muslim Council of Britain would be able to use the House of Commons.
Also, On 7 October 2006, after an act of vandalism initially alleged to have been perpetrated by Muslims, The Sun quoted Davies as saying "if there’s anybody who should f*** off it’s the Muslims who do this sort of thing." It was later discovered that the the incident never involved Muslims, but Davies, of course would never think to issue an apology.

Never the less it's time to demand just that, an apology.
His statements about the disabled is an insult to the ten million people living with disabilities in the United Kingdom as well as to disabled people all over the globe. We already face countless ingrained prejudices in the working world and, by saying that disabled workers are "by definition" less productive Davies is making it obvious that he's not quolified to work with politics in a democrocy, as a democratic society has to be based on the belief that we're all created equal.

It's doubtful that someone as narrow minded as him will realise that his behaviour about the disabled are down right offencive, but signing this petition will at least show those who have become victims of his discriminatory comments that you support their rights to equality. Please sign the petition now!

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