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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Father arrested for kidnapping, but still no sign of the 3 missing boys

Here's the update I promised you all after my post about the:
Amber Alert for the 3 missing little boys in Michigan

The search for the 3 little boys who were reported missing by their mother, Tanya Skelton, this past friday continues, but thus far without any result.

Their father was released from a mental health facility yesterday, where he's been under going treatment after he tried to hang himself the morning that the boys disappeared.
He originally claimed to have given the children over to a woman whom he had met online, so that she could take them home to their mother in Morenci, Michigan. But the boys never showed up and, Skelton's own mother went on national tv to beg the woman to return the children safely, or just drop them off somewhere where people could find them.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to verify Skelton's story and, police don't even think the mistery woman exists.
John Skelton was immediately taken into custody by the FBI when he was released from the mental facility.

Tanya Skelton filed for divorce in September this year, and was granted custody of the boys, while John Skelton was given visitation rights. He has now been charged with the kidnapping of: 9-year-old Andrew, 7-year-old Alexander and, 5-year-old Tanner Skelton. Police says it's unlikely that the boys are alive, but the search will continue until they can bring the little ones home.

My heart goes out to the poor mother. Not knowing what happened to your children has got to be the worst thing of all. I think however that most people understand that this has got to be like living in a nightmare for everybody involved and, someone has usually seen something, even though it may seem unimportant at the time. Lets hope that if there is such a person, they can come forward with what they know, so that these poor little children can be found.


BabyG1985 said...

i do hope that they can find the children, safe and well... Heart goes out to the family and the father should have his balls hung up on the Eiffle tower and have him dangling from them!!

Sleepless said...

If he has indeed killed his boys, he'll have to live with what he's done. I can't imagine the guilt of that ever going away. That's probably the reason why he tried to kill himself. Either way, the other inmates will very likely see to that he gets his, if he ends up in prison. I hear they don't like child murderers there.