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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big brother is watching

I got payed today, so the christmasshopping could finally begin. I hate christmasshopping! It's fun to pick out gifts and make people happy, but there's way to many people everywhere. It's driving me nuts! More over, you'd think that most of them were blind, the way they keep bumping into you all the time.
I know, I know, we should try to get it knocked out earlier, but money is always an issue.

We meant to get some of it done during the weekend, but Swedbank had other plans for us.
Apparently they spotted suspicious activity in my account and, instead of calling me to make sure that it was actually frodual, they decided that cancelling my card would be a great idea. Of course, they did this friday afternoon, after all the bankoffices were closed and, they still didn't have to call me to notify me, so we didn't discover it until my card was declined when we were trying to pay for our groseries at the store.

The banks are closed during the weekends over here, so if you don't have an extra creditcard lying around, you're basically screwed until 10:00 monday morning. I called the customer service of course, but according to them it was unfortunate that it happened friday afternoon, but their policy says that all they have to do is notify you by maile, which by the way takes 3 business days.

Now don't think that they automatically send you a new card either... Oh no... You have to reapply for one, but at least I could do that over the phone. But it takes 3 business days before you get the new card as well, and around christmas time it usually takes longer, since the post offices are rather busy during that time.

Needless to say, I think this is rediculous! How can they be allowed to leave you without any chance of getting money out for 2 days, without even making sure that the transactions weren't actually made by you? You'll get pretty freaking hungry in 2 days people!

I'm glad they're keeping trak of what goes on in my acount, but they should only be allowed to put a temporary blok on your card until they can get a hold of you and make sure that they are right in their observations. And they should definitely have to call you and notify you!!! It's my card and my account damn it!!!

I guess it goes well with the "big brother" mentality over here though...
Just last week, the parliament were going to vote about a new law, that basically means that they'll keep track of all your online activity. They're already able to do that, if your under suspicion for a crime, but now they want to make it mandatory to keep track of everybody.

The information is suppose to be saved for at least 6 months in cirtain databases.
I realise that this would be a great way to catch terrorists, pedophiles, and other such trash. The problem is however, that all databases have week spots and, can therefore be hacked.

After the election over here in september, somebody hacked the member registry of the racist party over here and, put all the names up online. Tobbes girlfriend is working for the green party and, she was all over the front page, being called a racist, cause she ordered material from the Sweden Democrats, just to find out what problems they would actually have to deal with from them. Now you understand that this is already a problem.

More over, all you have to do is take a look at the recent scandal with:
If the US government can be compromised that easily, everybody's gonna be at risk if such a law is enforced. Sexual orientation and, political preference etc, will no longer be privat matters and, could easily be found by anyone and, shared with anyone.
I do believe that we should get as many bad guys off the streets as possible, but not at the expense of integrity!

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