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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

15 years for 3 dead children; Skelton makes plea-deal

John Skelton, who's 3 sons, Andrew, Alexander and, Tanner, have been missing since thanksgiving 2010, when he failed to return them to their mother, Tanya Zuvers, is the main suspect in the ongoing homicide investigation, As It is obvious that he didn't turn them over to any organization to protect them from their mother as he claims. An organization where they would keep the children hidden and let everybody think that they are dead and, indeed murdered by the very person who turned them over, has yet to be found. Skelton ALSO told investigators at one point that he wrapped each son in a blanket, gave each a stuffed animal, placed them in his van and drove them away. This, along with the fact that Internet records show Skelton searched for information on how to break a neck about one week before the children went missing, gives us a pretty clear picture of why he's the main suspect of murdering his little ones. However so far all they've been able to charge him with is: unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping and parental kidnapping. This is as I understand it because no bodies have been found. The only hope of some kind of justice seemed to be the life sentence he could have gotten if he had been convicted of kidnapping. This recent plea deal however , lets skelton off with pleading guilty to only the unlawful imprisonment charge, which carries a penalty of up to 15 years in prison. For shame!

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