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Friday, March 11, 2011

The live suicide death video of true lovers and other skams attracts a lot of interest

Firstable, let me just say that whether we're talking about:
Natasha 22, Kate 22, Sunny 22, Rebecca 22, Nicole 22, Alyssa 22, Kristina 23, Julia 21, Jessy 21, all from Miami,
Emma 22, Lindaah 18, Clara 22, or Jennifer age unknown, from texas,
Sofia 22, Sasha 22, from Chicago,
Rose 19, Samantha 21, , Sonia 21, From new York,Eleena, A 21 yrs old girl from North Carolina, Or Barbara 22, from USA, I'm fairly certain that they can't all have commited suicide in front of a cam during this past month, so lets just establish that it's a scam shall we?

There's no spider under the skin,
You won't see the girl stripp off all her clothes,
You can't find out how many views your profile has or who's stalking your profile,
You won't see what the man saw when he entered his daughter's bedroom,
You won't see any pictures of Osama Bin Laden's dead body,
And, You'll never know why the kid is laughing,
There's nothing hilarious about the cute baby, it's all survey skams!
So stop clicking the links, your friends will apriciate you not exposing them to viruses.
Oh, and you will not have to pay for facebook if you don't copy the message to your status either. That's not a skam how ever, it's just someone having fun starting roomers.

On another note,
I do find it very interesting and, kind of sad at the same time, that I've had over 2000 visiters a day since I wrote the article about the sucide caught on camera. Not that I mind, I welcome all of you, though I would imagine that you're pretty disappointed if you're here to watch the non-existent suicide video. But I've written several posts about child abuse and missing children and, never attracted half as many readers for that as for this bogus live suicide. Now what do you make of that people? Thoughts? Reflections?

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