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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are we suppose to consider the word "man" to be synonymous with Animal?

Let me tell you a story about a 14-yeear-old girl.
She's in foster-care, not in a family, but in a home for mentally challenged children. She still likes to go to the playground and, sit on your lap. She's very naive and unsuspecting. In other words, she's like a child. Can you see her in your mind's eye?

Unfortunatley, she is also very promiscuous, something that is common with her disability, especially if one has been exposed to sex already. But she doesn't really understand the consiquences and, anyone who takes advantage of her is still nothing but a pedophile. Can we agree thus far?

Well, when the girl runs away from the foster-home in Stockholm, she somehow ends-up in RosengÄrd, which is nothing but a ghetto in Malmö. She's just half-dressed and she's intoxicated. She wants more alcohol and drugs and, she's offering sex in exchange. an 18-year-old young man sees his chance to make some easy cheese and, decides to become her pimp.

Word about the girl travels fast and, soon enough a group of men is gathered at a public bathroom in the mall. A female witness asks them what they're doing and, someone laughs and says: "we're gonna have some fun. It's fuck-time."

The 18-year-old then takes the girl to an apartment and, calls up some more of his acquaintances, who apparently don't mind taking turns with the girl - as soon as one gets done, the next one climbs on.

That night the pimp takes her to a club for gamblers, where a quite convenient "men only" policy is in place. They're giving her marijuana and more alcohol. She is then placed on a couch, where she is again used sexually by a huige number of men in exchange for money. Between the never ending current of men, she's allowed pauses to smoke more weed, drink more alcohol and, throw up. The pimp takes care of the money and, is having a blast playing poker. She is later taken back to the apartment, where she is now used sexually by the tenant himself.

The girl thinks that the pimp is her boyfriend. She tells a story about agreeing to sex with some of the men, but also about not wanting to with others. Some men were nice and others were not, some were threatening and violent and, others said nasty words, but it's hard for her to remember who did what.
3 weeks later, the girl runns away from the foster-home for the second time and, the pimp is ready and waiting to make more money off of her and his sexually retarded acquaintances.

10 men are indicted, the pimp of course for procuring and, the rest for sexual abuse. Some of the men admit to having sex with the 14-year-old, but they all claim that they thought she was older.
One of them explains that his sperm was found on one of the towels because he got so turned on by the moans from the bedroom that he had to touch himself.
Another admits to having sex with the girl 4 times in exchange for 170 SEK, or about $ 18, but he claims that he thought that she was a professional prostitute. Interesting, since I've heard that the going rate for prostitutes are about 1500 SEK, meaning close to $ 200, and you don't get no 4 times included either.

The pimp gets sentenced to 3 months for his part, and one of the men who sexually abused the child in the public bathroom gets off with paying a fine of 40 penelty units, the rest are acquited, since the girl at some point said that she was 16 years old. Whether she was told to say this or not we'll never know.

If a bartender fails to ask for id and ends up selling alcohol to a minor, the bar loses it's licence and is put out of business, but if a bunch of swines take advantage of a mentally challenged child they can all get off if they claim that they did not know how old she was. Are they all insane?!
A couple of years ago a feminist organization caused a literate uproar when they suggested that we should make all men pay higher taxes, to make sure that the costs for rape and abuse victims were covered and, things of course only got worse when one of their members said that all men are animals anyway.

I do not agree with that, but it definitly seems as if the Swedish court system does. How else can there be an acquittal in this case, where nobody even tried to give the half naked girl his coat, get her the hell out of there and, call the social athoraties.

It doesn't make a difference if they thought she was older than 15, cause though that unfortunately is considered old enough to have sex in Sweden, you're still a child until you're 18. There is also another little crucial detail that should make all the difference in the world; The girl is mentally challenged, she'll always be a child, which automatically should mean that the case was viewed as sexual abuse, no matter her age. Unfortunatley this is not what the law says, but it's definitely what it should say!

Further more, the girl was drunk and, drugged, are you telling me that they all failed to notice that as well? 16-year-olds are not allowed to drink and, if the girl was so intoxicated that she didn't quite know what was happening, it's automatically molestation and, that however is what the law says!
So how, how, how! Was this possible? Tell me, cause I'm confused, but was it the girl or the perpetraters and the jury who were suppose to be mentally challenged here?

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