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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Facts about Ecstasy

MDMA, Ecstasy
The drug raises the levels of serotonin.

Among other things, users experience An intensification of all of the bodily senses (touch, smell, vision, hearing)
Substantial enhancement of the appreciation for quality of music, as well as feelings of euphoria, intimacy and even love for others.

The top sideeffects reported were difficulty concentrating, jaw clenching, grinding of the teeth during sleep, lack of appetite, and dry mouth.

after-effects include: Depression, impaired attention, focus and, concentration, as well as drive and motivation, due to depleted serotonin levels.
effects are typically reported to last up to 3 to 7 days, with the exception of depression, which in some cases has become chronic.

Studies indicate that Cronic ecstasy users suffer significant short-term and long-term verbal memory impairment, which may occur with relatively low usage.

It is believed that in those cases where death has been cause by the drug, it is due to dehydration causing hyponatremia, an imbalance between sodium and water in the blood, or hyperthermia, where the body temperature climbs uncontrollably. .

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